Wondering Wednesday: Afraid Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Won’t Work?

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What would you say to someone who wants to use Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis but is afraid it won’t work for her?

What do you mean it wouldn’t work?

I think any mom should define what her goal for taking Hypnobabies is.

  • Is it that she is afraid of pain and wants to avoid all pain at all costs?
  • Is it that she wants tools to have the best birth possible?
  • Is it that she wants to be as calm and comfortable during her birth as possible?
  • Is it that she wants information, education and support to have a natural birth?
  • Is it that she wants some tools but may want to get an epidural if she feels she needs it?

I think that Hypnobabies could certainly work for all moms, however if her goal is to avoid pain at all costs, then she may be disappointed if she ends up feeling some discomfort and then she may feel that it “didn’t work”.   A large number of moms do have pain free births with Hypnobabies, but that is not really the point of Hypnobabies.  It is to educate moms about birth and give them amazing tools to help them during their birth, to be as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances.  (needing pitocin, a malpositioned baby, an unsupportive care provider are all examples of things that may take away from a moms comfort level)

I would also suggest that the mom read birth stories of moms who had unique births using Hypnobabies and see how they felt that Hypnobabies helped them during their births.  To see that Hypnobabies can help all moms regardless of their birth experiences, even if they end up needing a cesarean or an induction, Hypnobabies has tools that can help with that!

Here is a great birth story, where mom had some discomfort, but still felt that Hypnobabies worked for her and lists the reasons why!

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  1. Great post. Wanted to let you know that the link to the birth story on the Hypnobabies blog isn’t working. Hope you’re having fun at the conference!

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