I think I hear Angels Singing – ACOG supports VBA2C!

Support may be a bit to strong, but they have lowered their restrictions on it and even say that in certain cases VBA2C should be tried.

Attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is a safe and appropriate choice for most women who have had a prior cesarean delivery, including for some women who have had two previous cesareans, according to guidelines released today by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

There was a lot more in the press release and I don’t think anything they said is shocking or new information, but it shocks me that THEY said it!

“The current cesarean rate is undeniably high and absolutely concerns us as ob-gyns,” said Richard N. Waldman, MD, president of The College. “These VBAC guidelines emphasize the need for thorough counseling of benefits and risks, shared patient-doctor decision making, and the importance of patient autonomy. Moving forward, we need to work collaboratively with our patients and our colleagues, hospitals, and insurers to swing the pendulum back to fewer cesareans and a more reasonable VBAC rate.”

I can only hope that more OBs actually DO this!  I am lucky enough to have had an OB who did just this.  Told me the risks of both and let ME choose.  But so many moms are not told the truth, they are just forced into repeat cesareans. No wonder the cesarean rate is SO high.

In addition, “The College guidelines now clearly say that women with two previous low-transverse cesarean incisions, women carrying twins, and women with an unknown type of uterine scar are considered appropriate candidates for a TOLAC,”

I just forwarded the link to a mom I was working with who had given up on finding a care provider support her VBA2C.  Maybe now she can find the support she needs?  I hope so!

What do YOU think, will this statement create more opportunities for moms to have VBACs? Please go and read their whole statement and tell me what you think!

I think at the very least they will have more support/”ammo” (I have a 12 year old who is all about ammunition!) when talking with their care providers!  I hope today is a huge step forward for birth rights for moms in our country!

I have to add a HUGE thank you to ICAN for all the work and advocacy you have done and will continue to do to help moms avoid cesareans and help support them after cesareans!

I have to add this awesome link by Birthing Beautiful Ideas where she compares the 2004 statement to this one and you can see how far they have come!

I have to add another link to Well Rounded Mama who talks more in depth about VBAMC.

Thanks to ALL birth bloggers who are helping to make changes in the birthing world!

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7 thoughts on “I think I hear Angels Singing – ACOG supports VBA2C!”

  1. If ACOG wants to commit itself to evidence-based practice it is only logical for them to revise their VBAC guidelines to match current evidence. Will this trickle down and effect the way an average OB is practicing, especially in a non-tertiary hospital? I am not sure. Our local hospital here has not been able to get the anesthesiologists on board to stay in-house, and VBAC have in essence been forbidden. Ultimately I think it is birthing women who need to lead the movement toward women-centered, normal birth in hospitals. Left to their own initiative, the docs and administrators will only budge so far from their comfort zone.

  2. Vanessa the Pittsburgh Doula

    This makes me much more hopeful than in the past! I think we are so anxious to win the big wars (homebirths and midwives more available to all moms) that we forget to celebrate these little battle victories. So today I’m choosing to focus on happiness for the ACOG VBAC revisions!

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  4. Thank you. i am pregnant with my third child. I had an emergency C-section after a failed induction at 39w4d with my son 11 yrs ago. I had a repeat C-section with my daughter at 39w almost 4 yrs ago. I really would like to attempt a VBA2C this time. If I am successful, we may have the option for a 4th child. Any thoughts? My oldest was 10lbs, and our second child was 9lbs. I had gestational diabetes with the second child and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago. Will this proclude me from attempting a VBA2C this time again?

  5. I think that finding a care provider who is supportive of your desire for a VBA2C is going to help you in finding success in your quest! Best of luck to you!

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