Baby Signing Time – Give Away

As I declutter and simplify my life, I have found a few of my favorite things I want to give away to my readers.

Baby Signing Time is one of those things.

I have Volume 1 and Volume 2 DVD and the Song CDs, which I think is this set – though the pictures have changed.

I also have the Baby Signs Book – which is another great resource.

I loved doing sign language with my boys when they were babies.

It was an easy way for us to communicate with each other, which helped lessen our frustration.

Free Resource for Baby Signing

So certainly I suggest all moms look into baby signing – however you want to learn it.   Here is a great free resource to help you learn Baby Sign Language online.

You can win the set of the DVD/CD and Book above, if you enter now! (Remember these are not new, they are from when T3 was a baby)

You can win one!

There are a few ways to get entries to win.

  • 1 entry by leaving a comment saying why you want to win a this Baby Signing Set
  • 1 entry by blogging about this give away and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by adding the Enjoy Birth Blog to your RSS and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by posting about the give away on e-mail groups or bulletin boards and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by liking my Facebook Enjoy Birth Page and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by following me on Twitter and letting me know.
  • 1 entry for re-tweeting this post and letting me know.

Let me know which things you have done, leaving 1 comment for each action you took!

Good Luck!

Last entry will be accepted by midnight on June 26th.


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57 thoughts on “Baby Signing Time – Give Away”

  1. I want to win because I think this DVD is really entertaining and well made. My daughter is 10 months old and she shows obvious frustration that she can’t say what she wants. I think she would be very happy to learn sign language to communicate with us sooner 🙂

  2. I would love to win! I have done a few signs with each of my kids, but I don’t know enough signs to teach them more, so I would love a resource like this! My son is 14 months and doesn’t speak yet, but he can do the sign for “milk” when he wants to nurse (which cuts down on the pulling down of my shirt thing they do at this age) and can sign “more” for more food. I can use these to expand his sign vocabulary and also for our new baby on the way! We checked out one of the Signing Time videos for older kids from the library recently and my 3 year old fell in love with it. I bet she would enjoy the baby version, too!

  3. I already “like” your Facebook page – that’s how I found out about this contest! I would love to win this, as my 1 year old little boy and I have already been working on signs, but I don’t know very many to teach him. In fact, I’ve been looking for a good resource/book to learn more!

  4. I’m having my first baby this August, and was hoping that I’d be able to figure out some baby sign language with him/her. I was really interested in ASL as a kid, and I think it’d be beneficial to both me and the babe.

  5. Sharon Kruschen

    I already “like” your Facebook page – that’s how I found out about this contest!

  6. I’d love to win this!! Alexandra and I love signing-it’s really helped her communicate!
    So far, she signs:
    -milk (our sign for nurse)
    -chicken (she’s learning some random ones in daycare!)

    We’d love to learn some more signs to add to this list!

  7. I’d love to have this for my 2 kids. My son is 22 months and my daughter is 4 months. My son has been slow to say words and we’ve had some success with getting him to sign but so far all he knows is eat, more and please.

  8. I would love to win this Baby Signing Set! It would be great for my 7 month old and the children I nanny! 🙂

  9. I would love to win this. I am due in October with my first baby ever. I would like to teach my baby to sign. It would be a wonderful gift to give my baby. I Imagine my baby’s life will be frustrating at times, as it won’t have words to communicate with me. If i win this it will be another tool me and my baby can use to communicate with each other in those early years.

  10. I would love to win because I want my children/babies to learn sign language. I have taught them some already, but these would be such an awesome tool..and helpful for baby #5 due Jan. 2012!

  11. I would love this! I am signing to my 12 month old the very few words that I know but I would love to do more.

  12. I would love this set! I currently do a few words with my son. I started when he was an infant and it has been such a great help! He can tell me when he is hungry, all done, when he wants milk. It truly has been helpful for my husband and I. This set would be such a treat and great help.

    I subscribe via facebook

  13. I did baby signs with my first two babies and would love these resources to help me in starting up again with my daughter (almost 5 months old).

  14. I want to win this so that we can all learn to communicate with the newest addition to our family, a 2 month old little boy.

  15. Angie L., Doula

    I want to win this baby signing set because my daughter (20 mos) is developmentally delayed. She has no words at all (and significant other delays re motor skills). As parents we are incredibly frustrated that we never really know what she wants thus tantrums and meltdowns ensue. It’s got to be 10-fold times worse for her. Anyway, we need help! Now that she’s imitating body motions and some gestures I think she’s ready for signing!

  16. Angie L., Doula

    # 1 entry by adding the Enjoy Birth Blog to your RSS and letting me know. – Done!

  17. I was just reading reviews about the different baby signing books/dvds. I would love to win this one!

  18. I would love to win this because I JUST watched one for the first time last night and thought it would be great for my little guy! Then I saw you were giving them away!

  19. Wow, I’ve been taking this series out at our library. My daughter will hardly sit on the potty without “baby signing time”. And I’m hoping my son (8 mos) will avoid some of the frustration my daughter has in communicating (she’s nearly 2 and has lots of words but few signs – she talks well for her age, I think, but not well enough to say everyting she wants)

    Also I have Enjoy Birth on my RSS reader and I “like” your facebook page.

  20. I loved doing signing with my 2 year old. So nice to have her be able to communicate some with me and say “Please” instead of tantruming! Now I have a four day old 🙂 and I’d love to learn more signs and do them with her! Thanks.

  21. I would love to use these to communicate more effectively with my newborn baby – I’m going to have to check out the link you posted as well. I hope I win!

  22. I have heard only great things about the signing time series…and it is NEVER in stock at our local library which is always a good sign! I used minimal signing with my first son (from baby einstiein dvd and the few signs i picked up from the asl website) but my second little guy is now 6 months old and i would LOVE to use this series with him. I think it will be fun to have my 3 year old relearn the signs and sign with us too!

    ~ The Enjoy Birth Blog is in my Google Reader RSS Feed
    ~ I have liked you on facebook (though it was a while ago)
    ~ I have also sent this entry to 3 of my yahoo group bulletin boards!

    Thanks for all these great giveaways!!!

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