52 Weeks of Organizing – Water Bottles

We have so many water bottles.  Over the years we have gathered many different types.  My system for storing them improved when I finally found one I LOVED!   But I still had the older ones I had bought, so my system wasn’t perfect.

So for my 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge for this week I choose my water bottle shelf.

I decided to organize my water bottles this week and get rid of the ones I don’t love!

Here is my before picture.

I have a water bottle shelf, but it has other things on it.  One of my other problems was I have water bottles too tall for that shelf, so they get thrown on the bottom shelf.

I got out ALL the water bottles and sorted them.  I realized I had plenty, so decided to get rid of the too tall ones, even though I liked 2 of them, I found I rarely used them because they were hidden on the bottom shelf and I didn’t miss them.  So out went all of these bottles.

I had these water bottles left – the ones on the left are OK.  The ones in the middle I don’t love, but they fit on the boys bikes for bike rides and they fit on the shelf.  The ones on the right, which I got from Filter for Good, I LOVE.

Why do I LOVE these water bottles?

We found these when we went to the Sundance Film Festival and they were handing them out for free.  So we got 5 there.  We ended up loving them so much I bought five more in different colors.  (some are not in the picture above)

  • BPA Free
  • The lids are attached.
  • They don’t tip over when the lids are not screwed on.  (Some of the others that are OK have attached lids, but tip over on the shelf if the lid isn’t screwed on)
  • They are durable.
  • We put carabiners on the plastic part that attaches the lids and then we can attach them to ourselves while we are out and about.
  • They wash well in the dishwasher.
  • They fit perfectly on my water bottle shelf.  (Most importantly!)

Finished Shelves!

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  1. I was just looking at all my water bottle crammed into my cabinet wondering why I’m keeping all of them. You inspired me to get rid of the ones I just don’t like and keeping the good ones. Thanks for the push to get this done.

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