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“Birth of my Dreams”

Just thought I’d give the long version of Jonah’s birth story, while I have a few minutes of quiet with all three boys asleep:):)!!! Prodromal Labor On Saturday (the 15th) I awoke around 3 am with pressure waves, which is normally when I wake up and go into birthing time. I got them every 10 …

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Abigail’s Birth Story

Just wanted to post and say I had Abigail early Thursday morning just after 5am. My birthing time started at about 8:30pm Wed night. I had visualized my birth being about 8 hours so right on the money. We called my parents once we were sure it was time so they could watch Ethan. I …

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Alex Chase Arrives!

Alex Chase was born May 14 at 4:28 AM He weighed in at 8 lbs straight and was 19 1/2 inches long. Little Alex was a gentleman and let Mommy see his big brother sing in church for Mother’s Day.  After that though, he was ready to come (or maybe just Mom was), and BOY did he come fast.   I’d …

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