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Hypnobabies Tools for VBAC Moms.

Hypnobabies has some great tools that are so beneficial for VBAC moms. There are 2 different products to help. Hypnobabies created VBAC Hypnobirth Tracks This wonderful two-track MP3 was created for all our moms who understand that their body knows just how to birth a baby. It is dedicated to the amazing women that are

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Inspiring VBAC – She’s Here!

4 AM ?!?! Wow, things were just moving right along! A little while later, I was resting between contractions and I started wondering if someone had turned off the pitocin again because I felt like several minutes had gone by without anything happening. Literally, as I was finishing this thought, I heard Nichole say (to

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Inspiring VBAC – Pitocin

Sat, 5/14/2011 – 40w5d About 12:10 AM, the nurse started my pitocin @ 2 milliunits. I was standing next to the bed when she did this (because sitting kept throwing off the monitors and, honestly, just wasn’t very comfortable) and instantly found myself leaning over the bed as a contraction hit me. The first two

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Inspiring VBAC – Part 1

I want to start this year with an amazing VBAC birth story, shared by a mom on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  It is a few posts long, with great pictures.  Enjoy! Wed, 5/11/2011 – 40w2d I noticed that “Waffle” was more active than usual as we watched TV and got ready for bed. I started

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Planned HBA3C turned UBA3C

Guest Post by Erin, a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group The HBA3C of Titus James (Home Birth after 3 Cesareans) You may need your BOP towards the end as my birth wasn’t completely comfortable, but I still believe Hypnobabies totally worked for me. I woke up early on Thursday morning with a few mild

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