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Hypnobabies Tools for VBAC Moms.

Hypnobabies has some great tools that are so beneficial for VBAC moms.

There are 2 different products to help.

Hypnobabies created VBAC Hypnobirth Tracks

This wonderful two-track MP3 was created for all our moms who understand that their body knows just how to birth a baby. It is dedicated to the amazing women that are determined to give birth vaginally after a previous Cesarean, in comfort, joy and love!

11-VBAC Success 2-Track SET

Track # 1 – My VBAC Success: In deep hypnosis, this wonderful track gives you many powerful suggestions for vaginal birth preparation, optimal positioning of your baby, strengthening of your uterus, avoiding negativity, and complete VBAC confidence. Taking you farther than you ever imagined with positive re-framing of any fears or concerns, you are allowed to enjoy a daily dose of support and very effective inner training for VBAC success. Very powerful!

Track # 2 – VBAC Birth Visualization: In this deeply relaxing visualization, you *create* your own positive and very successful VBAC birthing, just as you desire it to be. From the start of your birthing throughout the dilation phase and *moving past any challenges from your last birthing*, as well as easily birthing your baby into your own arms, your mental VBAC birthing rehearsal instills a blueprint for success that allows you to fully enjoy your pregnancy with this baby to the fullest.

These hypnosis tracks can really help!

Knowing that your VBAC birth is possible, your inner mind will then create behavior and circumstances that reflect your positive VBAC Birth Visualization’s perfect plan!

They didn’t have this CD when I was having my VBACs. But I have since gotten it for some of my Hypnobabies students and I have listened to it. It was really good. The first track was full of good affirmations and support specific for VBAC moms. The second track is about visualizing your VBAC birth, I think the visualization track is GREAT!

Alone this CD won’t help you prepare for a comfortable un-medicated birth (you would need the Hypnobabies Home Study course for that) but it would help with attitude and believing in your bodies ability to VBAC, etc!

Hypnobabies Home Study

The Hypnobabies Home Study is a great childbirth preparation program. It gives you tools, information and support to help you have the best birth possible. You want to get this set, because you want to do all you can to prepare!

It is a 6 week program and each week you learn a new tool that you can use during your birth. You also learn wonderful information which will empower you to trust your body and to make the best choices for you and your baby along the way. Please visit here to learn more!

Click here to read great birth stories of moms using Hypnobabies for their VBACs. You can see how calm and confident about their births.

How can I incorporate the VBAC CD into my Hypnobabies practice?

  • Listen to Track 1 of the VBAC MP3 ASAP. If you are early in your pregnancy (before 25 weeks) you can focus on this track alone and the pregnancy affirmations for a few weeks. Once you start Week 1 lesson of the Hypnobabies, you can listen to track 1 on an as needed basis.
  • Listen to Track 2 (Visualize your VBAC) starting in week 5 of your Hypnobabies Studies. It fits perfectly with the visualize your birth information.
  • When you start in the Hypnobabies Maintenance you can alternate the 2 scripts into the schedule.

Monday: Special Place CD

Tuesday: Hypnotic Childbirth #1

Wednesday: Comfortable Childbirth

Thursday: Hypnotic Childbirth #2

Friday: Deepening CD

Saturday: Visualize Your VBAC

Sunday: Fear Clearing and/or VBAC Success

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