Cute hospital gowns?

Personally, I didn’t care how I looked or what I wore during my birth.  (Or truthfully I don’t care much about that very much at all)  I am all about comfort!  The hospital gowns were fine with me.

Some moms don’t like to wear them, because a hospital gown makes them feel like a patient.  They can choose to wear a big t-shirt or a skirt and tank top.  You don’t HAVE to wear a hospital gown, even if you birth in a hospital.  That is up to you!

If you want the convenience of the hospital gown, but want to look cute.  Check out this link to Labor Looks.  I think these are a great idea!    I don’t think you NEED one, but if you can afford it and you WANT one, go for it!

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5 thoughts on “Cute hospital gowns?”

  1. Birth wear is a tough one! Needing access to so many areas, often all at once! Plus, you’ll be getting a lot of pictures taken while wearing your birth clothing.

    For my first baby I just wore the gown at the hospital. I was afraid I might get it dirty, bloody, or whatever, and wanted the ease of being able to change if needed. But that wasn’t really ideal – it was awkard putting on the belts for monitoring baby’s heart rate and my contractions (Have to lift the gown from the bottom, not too modest!) and while the snaps at the shoulder do provide access for breastfeeding, it is not ideal for immediate skin-to-skin contact.

    So with that in mind, I have purchased a Binsi birth skirt to wear this time around – it should be easy to put on and adjust the monitoring belts, plus I will look cute!

    I had a VERY hard time finding the perfect top to pair with the Binsi. I wanted to have a wrap style top (that opens like a robe) for easy skin-to-skin immediately after birth. I was unable to find anything like that available retail, so I ended up sewing my own – it turned out really well, and I am so excited to try it out. My son is due in about one week! I just hope it stays clean all through labor until the baby is born – I guess we’ll see.

    The whole point I have in even commenting was just that I think there is a need for birth clothing that can also easily accomodate skin-to-skin….and so far, it’s not available retail. It would be great to see a product like that become available.

  2. both times i ended up stripping down and hopping in the pool. even wearing a watch bothered me.
    i can’t imagine buying something just to wear during the birth, when i know that personally.. i’ll take it off anyway. lol

  3. I didn’t want to wear the hospital gowns either. I just bought 2 cotton sleeveless nightgowns at Target in fun colors for a few dollars. My mom then cut them at the shoulders and sewed in velcro on both sides for easy breast access. I loved them.

  4. Got a great baby shower gift was the Mommy Gown.. Very comfortable and pretty and soft…. Everyone loved it including the nurses and it made me feel so much better and well kept. It also brings a matching headband and even has a pocket…I was very happy with my Mommy Gown Maternity Gown..

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