Eyes Open Hypnosis allows movement during birth

It is very important to be able to move around during your birth.  It helps you stay more comfortable and helps your baby to be born more easily.


Some moms worry that if they use hypnosis they will have to stay laying down and in a trance to use hypnosis.  There are some hypnosis for childbirth programs that tend to be this way.  But the great thing about Hypnobabies is it is “eyes open childbirth hypnosis”.

In Hypnobabies moms create a mental lightswitch.

  • On is on (not in hypnosis).
  • Off is completely limp and loose, deep in hypnosis and comfortable.
  • Center, you are still deep in hypnosis and comfortable, the top of your breasts to the middle of your thighs remains comfortable and relaxed AND you can have your eyes open, walk and talk as you desire.

For me I spent most of my birthing time in center.  I walked the halls, sat in the rocking chair, sat on the birth ball, stood in my room, moved however felt best to me.  The whole time I was in hypnosis, calm and comfortable.

As a Hypnobabies hypno-doula, I so appreciate the center switch.  I see my clients are able to open their eyes, walk, talk, shower, sit on birth balls, do pretty much anything!  By following their body in moving to different positions, it helps their baby move down and out more quickly!  Because they are still deeply in hypnosis, they are calm and comfortable while moving around.

So if you are a mom interested in using hypnosis, be assured if you use Hypnobabies, you can still move around easily while staying in hypnosis.

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