DH's surprise business trip to London

So, this could be a good thing, except he doesn’t even want to go, he is behind in work, it is really meetings he could do over the phone, etc.  So he is grumpy about going.  Top that off with my stress about him leaving. 

I have a mom due with her 7th baby any day now.  One of my friends (the one I would call in the middle of the night to watch my boys) is heading out of town as well.  I luckily have a back up set of doulas, that I can call in case I can’t figure out someone to watch my kids. 

My client knows about the situation and is fine with whatever happens.  She has met the backups and is fine if I can’t make it.    She is planning on the baby being born next Friday, as it is good timing for her family (she was planning this before DH was even leaving)  It would also be good for me as DH is getting back before then. 

So let’s all hope that the timing works out that I can easily get to her birth.  I am thinking it will be a fast, easy one.  I really want to be there.  Friday would be great! 

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