Doula Faux Pas – aka Dead Cell Phone

It was Saturday, I had my lists of errands to run while DH watched the boys.  I headed out, happy as a clam.  I get almost half my errands done.  I am in Walmart looking at shoes for B. and realize I don’t know his size.  I get out my trusty cell phone to call home.  It is DEAD, not low battery, but DEAD. 

I freak. I have a mom due with baby #7.  Probably won’t be a long birth.  I ask if there is a pay phone anywhere (do those still exist?)  They do.  I have no change.  I decide to drive home and get my DH’s cell phone to finish the errands.  I hurry home, there have been no calls.  I get his phone and finish my shopping. 

I need to ALWAYS make sure my phone is charged each night.  Hopefully that is the last time THAT will happen. 

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1 thought on “Doula Faux Pas – aka Dead Cell Phone”

  1. This is just so much like me. I have lots of phone paranoia. However When I started midwifery I carried a pager. When it went off I had to find a pay phone to reply. I didn’t ever miss a birth.

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