Don't Just Complain, Help Make A Change!

What can we do to help change the system?

Is it enough to just complain about how the system and how our friends, relatives, acquaintances are being led to cesareans? 

Is it enough to help one woman at a time?  It is important and valuable.  But what if we each did one thing this year to help change the system?

Here are some ideas…

Do you have some time to make some phone calls?  Help out with the VBAC ban project, calling hospitals and finding out their policies on VBACs to help compile a national database.

Don’t have time, but have some extra money?  Donating even $25 to ICAN can help make a difference.  Or pick a different organization supporting normal birth.  The Big Push for Midwives, or Trust Birth or any organization that resonates with you.

Enjoy talking with other moms in group settings?  Be a Trust Birth Facilitator.

I LOVE teaching Childbirth Education Classes, if you really have a passion of sharing information with pregnant moms, become a Childbirth Educator!

Are you great on the computer?  Blog about things!  Go on the boards and offer support.

Here are my goals for the year!  What are yours?  Post them here!

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