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2. What is a Birth Doula and Why You Should Get One!

I have been a birth doula since 2006.  In this episode I explain what a birth doula is and why you might want one! 

Having a birth doula can help you have a more enjoyable birth! 

The Advantage of having a Doula.

Studies have shown the following benefits of having a doula present at birth:

  • 45% reduction in c-section rates

  • 25% shorter labor

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests

  • 50% reduction in pitocin use

  • 31% reduction in analgesia use

  • 34% reduction in forceps or vacuum deliveries

Women who have used a doula at birth are more satisfied with their births, feel more confident before and after the birth, show a quicker rate of bonding with their newborn, are less likely to have post-partum depression, and more likely to breastfeed.

Having a doula is a wonderful way to help you have an enjoyable birth.  Doulas can assist moms in any birthing situation, from moms who want an un-medicated birth, moms who plan on epidurals to moms with planned cesarean births.   Each doula has different training and specialties, so interview different doulas to find one that matches your needs!

What do doula’s do exactly? 

We provide support to a mother and her family during her birth.  We do this in many different ways… 

Doulas are a great resource for Comfort Measures

Having a doula is like having your very own talking birthing guide. Doulas know what can help during birth and how to do it. Your doula can either perform these comfort measures herself, or help your family or friends to support you with comfort measures. Your birth partners will feel more confident knowing that they are doing the right thing.

Doulas give constant encouragement

A doula not only encourages the mother to keep going, but she encourages the labor support to keep going as well. The process of labor can sometimes be long.  A doula can keep you and your partner focused during the most intense part of labor.

Doulas help explain options

A doula is also a source of information about ways to handle your birth. Medical attendants don’t always have time to get into all the options available, and rarely give all the risks and benefits for the options they do give. A doula can help you understand what options are available, and what the pros and cons are. This can help you make better informed decisions.

Are there any disadvantages of doulas?

Check out my pros and cons of doulas article!

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