3. Moms Deserve a Medal, Especially You!

I know no one chooses to become a Mom, just so she can get a medal.

Podcast about how Moms Deserve Medals came to be.

I “love” to hate the My OB said What? blog.

Here is one quote that really got my goat!

“She doesn’t deserve a medal. She deserves a stamp on her forehead that says ‘I’m an idiot!’”

– OB to nurses at nurses station, regarding a woman who had labored ‘too long.’

This was said  in response to the birthing woman’s mother (who said her daughter deserved a medal) AFTER the woman’s mother was out of earshot.

I created a Medal for Moms so you CAN get one.

Frankly that OB needs a stamp on HIS forehead that says Idiot!

In this episode I talk about the myth of moms having a natural birth to earn a medal.

I also talk about all the types of moms who deserve medals.

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