I'm It!

I just spent 30 min writing a wonderful post about how I was tagged and then shared my 3 new blogs with my readers.

I posted it and it was BLANK! Seeing as I have playgroup with 7 kids arriving in 10 minutes you now get the very short version.

Loving and Supporting Mama’s and Babies:  Tagged me.  I love her blog too, go and enjoy!

Here are my 3 new ones to recommend.

Expecting Words:  Just started reading, seems fun.  I so believe in the power of words, so her blog is very intriguing to me.    At your cervix just did a nice guest post there about Taking Charge of Your Birth.   I love her blog too!

La Mejor Vida:  Newer Doula, who shares wonderful birth stories and glimpses into her busy life.  Very inspirational to me.

Bri’s Thoughts: Bri was one of my Hypnobabies Students who moved far away, but we keep tabs on each other via our blogs.  Her DH is volunteering in Haiti right now as a doctor.  I am loving hearing all about that.

Tag, the 3 of you are now IT! Tell the world I tagged you and then share 3 blogs you love!

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  1. Ah thanks Sheridan! I had a sit down chat with Dan last night that he needs to start blogging about his experience. Hopefully that will come soon!

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