My crazy life AKA I am meant to be at some births

I had a Hypnobabies Student I really connected with and wanted to be at her birth, she wanted me there too.   Let’s call her Jane.

The problem?  Her guess date fell during a time when I was going to be out of town.  I had some other crazy things going on too and just couldn’t commit to being there.

We decided to wing it.  If I was meant to be there, then it would happen.  I also wasn’t going to charge her, because odds were I wouldn’t even be there.

So I was gone for a week in Jan. and when I came home, Jane was still pregnant.  Good sign, I was excited until I suddenly realized how crazy my life was going to be the next 2 weeks before I headed out of town AGAIN.   Instead of getting stressed I thought, “If it is meant to be, it will work out.”

I fell in the rain on Tuesday and hurt my back and I knew if Jane called I probably couldn’t go.  But she didn’t have her baby.

I had Hypnobabies Open House and my DH was gone from 5 in the morning on Wednesday.  That wouldn’t have been easy to pull off.  But she didn’t have her baby.

Then my 2 sons had BIG reports due at school on Friday.  So Thursday was crazy.  I kept thinking, “If she calls, I don’t know if I can go.”  We were busy helping the boys finish up the reports and make posters and it was CRAZY!  Really are reports for the kids or the parents?

The weekend was free, except I took a class on how to self publish books.  Which was fun and informative.   Jane still didn’t have her baby.

Monday I had 8 kids at my house for playgroup.  Then I was running around picking up the house because the cleaning lady was coming the next day.   I LOVE my cleaning lady, but it is crazy how hard I work to clean up before she comes.  🙂

By now Jane is 41 weeks and 1 day.  She has a NST scheduled for Tuesday.  Really Tuesday night or Wednesday were the only good days (for me) left for her to have the baby.  I have my Brother and Sister and Law and their 5 kids coming on Thursday and we have fun-filled days planned and then we fly out Sunday.  So I also need to pack and do all sorts of other things before then.    I did NOT tell the mom this, she didn’t need any extra stress.  I just fell back on the “if it is meant to be” philosophy.

I headed to a fun breakfast with girlfriends who live about an hour away Tuesday morning.  It was fun to be together and I was so glad I could be there.

Well, Jane’s fluid level was below 5 and so they agreed that an induction was a good idea.  She calls to tell me this as I am on my way to the Doctor with my oldest son at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon.  I say I will be on my way once everyone gets settled.  Which is fine, because they have to get checked in, answer TONS of questions and get things started.

I get the boys all settled and to the hospital before the pitocin even gets started.  She goes on to have a beautiful birth, which I will share the details later if she is willing.  But I feel honored that I could be there and I can see that I was MEANT to be at this birth.  The timing couldn’t have been better.

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2 thoughts on “My crazy life AKA I am meant to be at some births”

  1. All I can say is Amen sister! You said it all!

    Sometimes I think, “Oh, what if the baby comes on (fill in the blank) Valentines Day, My husbands birthday, Christmas?” And then I think, “how wonderful that would be!” and in my floating in happiness state of mind I convince my family that “it would be wonderful!”. For the most part anyway. Even my body stays healthy at the thought of getting to witness yet another miracle! Must be those love hormones we get and give…and get and give and…

    One of my favorite memories is a Christmas Eve baby. Off I go giving the family instructions for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. This mom gave birth VBA2C in four hours on Christmas Eve Morning. I was home by noon! The Thanksgiving babies always seem to come AFTER turkey 🙂 …nice.

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