Midwives: Marvelous or Medieval?

midwife of pont cleryIt is fascinating to me when I am talking to moms about birth and the topic of Midwives comes up.   The moms tend to fall into one of 3 categories:

  • I love them
  • Like the idea – but not for me
  • They still exist?

I love them

These tend to be moms who have done a lot of research about birth.  They maybe are planning a birth with a midwife, or have had friends who have used a midwife and wish they could use one too.

This tends to be a small group of women.

It is an interesting idea – but it is not for me!

These moms know midwives exist, but have many questions about why it probably wouldn’t be right for them to use a midwife.  Most of the moms fall into this camp.

  • Is it safe?  It is safe for a low-risk mom!
  • Are they trained?  Yes, they are highly trained.
  • What about an emergency?  They are trained to handle emergencies.  Some moms do have to transfer to a hospital.
  • My insurance won’t cover a midwife.  It actually might cost less to pay for a midwife out of pocket, then to pay for your deductible.

Midwives still exist?

It always surprises me to run across a woman who honestly doesn’t know there are still midwives attending births.

  • I thought they were from medieval times.
  • Is that legal?
  • Why would someone need a midwife when there are OBs?

I actually really enjoy talking to these women, because they are pretty fascinated by the idea once they realize it exists.




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4 thoughts on “Midwives: Marvelous or Medieval?”

  1. I was first introduced to a real, live midwife in college. I saw a CNM at the campus health center for my regular gyn needs and checkups. I immediately noticed how her approach was more holistic than other doctors I had seen in the past, and I knew after meeting her that if other CNMs were like that, I would definitely want someone like her to attend my pregnancy and birth!

  2. I think it is so sad that many mothers do not even know they have the option of birthing with a midwife anymore. Fortunatly in my area we have Nurse Midwifes in hospitals, so its not shocking concept to have a midwife, however home births are for quite a few.

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