Nurses ROCK!

NurseI have loved 99% of the nurses I have worked with as a doula.

You can tell they really love their job and the women they serve.

It makes me feel like a part of an amazing team that comes together to help each mom have a wonderful birth experience.

I especially love the ones who do extra little things to help my clients have the support they need.

I love it when they are willing to run interference with the OB’s –

  • buying more time before exams
  • getting “permission” to get in the shower
  • protecting moms space
  • encouraging mom to get off the monitor and walk the halls
  • waiting to call the OB in until mom is REALLY pushing – letting mom find a good position and rhythm on her own

Thank you L&D Nurses, you are the best!

Moms, when you go to the hospital, ask to be assigned a nurse that LOVE natural childbirth and you will get a wonderful advocate to help you have the best birth possible!

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2 thoughts on “Nurses ROCK!”

  1. Nurses really are outstanding! Childbirth wouldn’t be as comfortable and relatively easy without them. Kudos!

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