Starting your birth on your own – vs – Induction

Ask your OB these questions about inductions now!

It is important to talk to your care provider EARLY (meaning 1st or 2nd trimester) about how often they induce moms in their practice. 

Why would this be important?  Well on the blog My OB said WHAT? You can see this lovely comment:

“It’s SO weird that you’re in labor! I haven’t had a mom go into spontaneous labor in over a year!” -OB

What do you think the odds would be of YOU starting your birthing time on your own if you had this OB?

Pretty low and most likely you wouldn’t know until he was pressuring you into induction.  It is a challenge to change care providers that late in the game (though it is possible)

So on your next visit ASK your care provider today these questions.

  • What percentage of moms do you induce?
  • When do you like to induce?
  • What reasons do you induce moms?
  • What drugs do you use?  (If they say cytotec, misoprostol or miso ask if there are other options.)

Some people are questioning Why do OBs like inductions so much? Why are they ignoring evidence based information and choosing to induce moms even when it isn’t medically indicated?

Indeed this decision of whether or not to induce can have HUGE repercussions for your birth and this is why I think you should ask questions about induction NOW to your care provider.

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3 thoughts on “Starting your birth on your own – vs – Induction”

  1. I’ll have to watch the video tomorrow but I’ve been wondering myself… WHY are they so quick to induce? What does it benefit the OB? Just let the woman go when she’s ready.

    I know so many women who are completely compliant and willing to induce without asking a question and have their epidural in place the moment they get there- it’s just how they want their birth to go. So who knows?

  2. I think less women would be compliant if they were informed of the risks of induction. But they typically are not told of these at all. So then it sounds like a great idea. You can plan everything and it seems so much more “controlled”. Sounds great in theory, but can lead to a lot of different issues.

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