How You Can Use Your Mind to Have a Better Birth

There are different mental tools you can use as you prepare for and then during your birth.

Your mind is very powerful, so harness it for your birth!  

In this episode I share a few different mental tools you can use.  🙂

Hypnobirth Tool Visualize Your Birth

In Hypnobabies class we teach Moms to spend time every day visualizing their ideal birth.

Each Mom has a different thing that is important to them.

  • One Mom whose partner worked 2 hours away depending on the traffic, visualized her birthing time starting early in the mornign before he left for work.
  • One Mom visualized her baby being born in time for her to eat dinner (her previous baby was born at 1AM and I was starving and stuck with only a cold turkey sandwhich to eat.)
  • One Mom who had a long previoius birth, visualized a VERY fast birth with the midwife getting there moments after the baby was born.
  • One Mom who had a previous very FAST birth visualized a longer birth at least 6 hours long, giving her plenty of time to get into her groove.

I explain to the moms, you need to be flexible if things happen differently than you visualize, be open to that and move forward with faith you will have the birth you are meant to have.

BUT, it amazes me how powerful visualizations are. 

All of these Moms had the births they visualized.

  • Woke up at 5 AM with strong pressure waves, DH stayed home, baby born 7 hours later.
  • T3 was born at 6:59 PM, DH went to get me Ruby’s a hamburger and shake for dinner not long after. 🙂
  • Baby born 50 minutes after Mom woke up.  The midwife litterally walked into the room less than a minute after her 10 pound baby was born safely into mom’s hands.
  • Mom had a nice 7 hour birth, which was relaxing and calm and gave her “plenty of time to enjoy every minute.”

What is important to YOU? 

Are you willing to take 3 minutes a day closing your eyes and visualizing your ideal birth?

Also the podcast episode covers a lot of different topics other than visualization, so take a listen.

Such as

I also delve into these topics in The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth, which you can get for free.

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