Breech Baby – Need Help Turning the Baby?


12 pound baby born vaginally!Sadly it is hard to find a care provider who will support a mom in doing a vaginal birth of a breech baby.  There are some out there, but you really have to search.  Contact your local childbirth educators and doulas to see if they have resources for you.

There are many different tools and tips to encourage your baby to turn.

Can listening to a MP3 actually help?

Luckily Hypnobabies has a MP3 you can buy and download.  Turn Your Breech Baby, Yes You Can!   I have had many doula clients/students use the Hypnobabies Breech Baby MP3, most with great success.

Can you use the MP3 if you are not a Hypnobabies student?

YES you can, it is meant for any pregnant mom, you don’t need to be taking Hypnobabies.  Which is great news!


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Great information for Birth Worker – How Knowing someones Type can help

What is a Type?  Carol Tuttle teaches about the 4 Energy Types.  I am a Type 2/3.

Understanding what type someone is can help you in your interactions with them.

I love this post by Carol which explains how this can be applied by birth workers.


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Daddy Plays The Beatles Lullabies

T3 is 9 years old now.  You might think he is too old for Lullabies.

He has listened to music or a hypnosis CD almost every night as he falls asleep.  It helps him make a really smooth transition into sleep and he usually sleeps really well.  So he is quite the critic of Lullaby CDs.

He has his favorites.   All of them are by Daddy Plays.  (We have them all.)  They are a perfect blend of songs you know in a soothing instrumental version.

So I was thrilled when “Daddy Plays” contacted me to let me know he had a new Lullaby CD coming out.  This one is The Beatles.  Which was awesome, because our family loves The Beatles music.

T3 was super excited when it came in the mail.

“I can’t wait to go to bed so I can listen!”

So that night I tucked him in and put on the CD and stayed to listen for awhile.  We both loved it.  T3 has been listening to it every night since he has gotten it.  He wanted to add his thoughts.

It’s a good lullaby CD.  I like it.  You should get it for your little kids.

If you want the perfect gift for your child or a friend with a child, this may be it!  There is nothing better than good music, except good music that helps your child sleep better!  :)

(I did get a CD for free to do a review.  The link above also goes to my Amazon Store.)

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Fun Birth – “It’s Magical Up There!” says 3 year old big sister

Tracine Lost mucus plug early in morning, was able to go back to sleep.

Up around 7:30.  Angela arrived at some point.

Sheridan joined the party around 10:30.

Juan Supporting Tracine and Angela enjoying the day.

Juan Supporting Tracine and Angela enjoying the day.

H- Big Sister went to buy glue with Grandma and Grandpa.

Tracine enjoyed pressure waves on the Birth Ball.

11ish Angela left for awhile and Tracine, Juan and Sheridan did 5 laps around the block averaging a pressure wave per lap.

Then we hung out downstairs, prepared some herbal tea and chatted for awhile with Tracine hanging on Juan while she had pressure waves.

12:45 we were back up in the bedroom and Angela returned.

1:11 Tracine removes her red socks, still is wearing Mumu and black sweater.

1:20 downstairs for In N Out brought to us by Hazel.  She had an accidental pee, which Sheridan stepped in, requiring borrowing some very cool striped socks.

1:46 back upstairs.  Tracine and Sheridan discover they are Tiny Toenail Sisters as she sits in the rocking chair.

2:10 Angela rubs oils on Tracine’s ankles.

3:50 Lindsay arrives.  Before this pressure waves were ranging between 5-9 minutes apart.  Sometimes lasting 2 minutes.  But not a great consistency.

4:10 Lindsay checks Tracine upon request.  Scar tissue on cervix easily melts away and her cervix goes from 1 to 6 cm instantly.

4:30 Juan, Tracine and Sheridan walk in the backyard.  H – big sister, joined us for a bit.  Jake said hi over the fence.    Pressure waves were up to 3 minutes apart!!!
IMG_3693 IMG_3684

5 back upstairs and onto the ball.  Pressure waves slow down.

5:45 walk around upstairs.  Pressure waves pick up again.  Then slow down again.

6:20 Lindsay does another exam and finds there is a little bit of scar tissue left.  She helps massage it out.  Then after discussion Tracine decides to have her water broken.

Tracine gets into the rocking chair and gets into her Zone.  There is a definite shift.  The tub starts getting filled.  Courtney arrives.

7:07 Mumu comes off and the purple bra on and Tracine gets into the tub!

7:40 Linsday does another check and finds there is a lip left on the cervix.

8ish Lindsay holds lip back while Tracine gives a push and the lip slips behind baby’s head and pushing begins in earnest.  H – Big Sister is summoned!

Tracine does an amazing job pushing.  She pushes the head almost all the way out.  One more push and the head was out.   After waiting for the next pressure wave she gives a big push and Iris flies out, she is wrapped up in the cord a bit so Lindsay unwraps her and brings her up onto Tracine’s chest.

8:11 Iris arrives!

It was magical in so many ways.  As H – big sister, said to her Grandpa not long after the birth, “You should come upstairs and see the baby, it is magical up there!”

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Waiting for a baby…

Why does it sometimes seem to take forever for a baby to be born.  How can the days in the last weeks feel so long?  Like each day is a week!!!

My dear friend is 41 weeks and in that long stage of pregnancy.

As her doula/friend I am walking this path with her and we are all so excited and anxious for him to arrive!

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Yes I am still a doula!

I took a break for awhile.  Then I had a birth in September and took another break.  Well, I went to a birth 3 weeks ago and it was great and I have another mom due any day.

I will see if I can post the one birth story in the next few days.  :)

Once this last mom births, I will be taking a break for an undetermined amount of time.    With 3 busy boys going 3 different directions I need to focus on just them for awhile.

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Pregnancy and Energy Types

I just read The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle and loved it.  It teaches you about Energy Types and how to determine what type you and your children are.  Then gives amazing tips on how to help parent them, from birth on!  I will write more about it later.

Here are some videos about pregnancy and energy types.

The videos are not too helpful unless you know your type. She has some free videos to figure out your type. The best thing to do is go to Carol’s blog and sign up for the newsletter.

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Protecting your kids – media and its traps!

Limitations we have set up to protect our kids from pornography and other negative things.

Computer –

Have the computer in a public place.  Ours is in our eating area.  We do have another computer in the office, it is not used for internet.  It is for making movies, recording music, etc.

Put an internet filter on your computers, even the ones that are not supposed to be used for internet.  I know my boys may go on the internet in the office.  So it has net nanny set up to the highest level of restriction.

I have tried 3 different options.  NetNanny is my favorite.  Easy to use and has many different ways to differentiate levels of “safety”.  So my 16 year old has little limits, but I am able to see where he goes so I can check on his use.  My 8 year old has very strong limits, preventing him from accidently being exposed to pornography.

Television -

Use the filters on your TV.  You can set your TV to require a password to watch things over a certain TV rating.

If you have Netflix/Vudu, etc.  Research how do to limits on those.  We have it set up so you cannot watch or order rated R  or higher movies.

Video Games –

I will admit, we don’t really play video games in our house.  We have a Wii and limited games.  The boys play maybe 2 times a month.  I think this is one reason my boys are so well rounded and get good grades and know how to interact nicely with other people.

Be wise about the video games you let your children play.  Think about what it is you want them to learn from these games and the amount of time you think is reasonable.

I don’t really know much about parental controls with video games, but definitely worth finding out if you play them.

Cell Phones –

I will look at this a strictly a phone/texting thing, though more and more kids have smart phones, see this post for handheld digital devices.  If your child has a smart phone you will need to take a 2 prong approach!


Have a place in the kitchen where they are plugged in nightly.  Have a set time – 9PM or bedtime.  But it is plugged in every night.  There are kids that are texting at 2AM.  This is not good for sleep, even if your kids are not the instigator, their friends may be texting them at that time and waking them up.  So phones go to bed too.


No Data:  I have their phones set up on our ATT account that makes it so they can not get any data.   I had to call and get this set up.  The first person I talked to didn’t know what I was talking about.  So you may have to figure this out.


This means my boys can not get or send pictures.  Hallelujah!  People send really inappropriate pictures to each other and this prevents this from happening.


It also means they can’t get group texts, which is sort of a bummer, but worth preventing the picture issue.  (though they can see plenty of inappropriate pictures on instagram and google search)

 Is it too late?

What if your kids are older and you haven’t set up limitations like this? We learn as we live.  I have had to go back and make changes to things.  My kids have had pretty positive reactions.

Here is the story of how we reduced media usage.

Here is how my 15 year old responded to new limitations on his digital device.


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Taking away my 15 year olds smart phone.

Going “backwards”

In May I noticed my 15 year old was on his digital device way too much.  He had a smart phone/cell phone.  So it was in his pocket all the time and I would catch him watching You Tube videos when he was supposed to be doing homework, etc.  I could see things were just going downhill.  That it was becoming an addiction.  I had worked so hard to help my boys avoid addictions, limiting TV, video games, etc.  To see him going there was upsetting.


I prayed and realized it was time to take the smart phone away.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.  We had a heart to heart with T1. We got him a dumb phone with an alphabet keyboard so he could still easily text.  He agreed to give up the smart phone cold turkey, with the thought he would get it back with limits.  We also took T2’s itouch away at that point, thought it would be beneficial for him too!


Cold Turkey.


4 days later T1 THANKED ME!!!!!!  I am not kidding.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to be angry or resentful.  But he thanked me.  It is now December.  He has chosen not to use his handheld digital device at all.  He found our OLD ipod so he could listen to music, without distraction of apps. internet, etc.  He texts his friends, but never goes on the iphone.  Sometimes he will borrow mine to check the weather or something.  But he is grateful.

I heard him yesterday telling a friend at church who was on an iphone playing a game (at church) and said, “I used to have a smartphone, but my parents took it away because it was too distracting.”  I don’t even know if the other kid heard him.  But I know that T1 is GLAD, because once he disconnected from his phone, he was able to have time to do real connecting.

Moderation is key.

My 13 year old, got his itouch back after a week or so.  But with the limits I described above.  And he is on it definitely less than an hour a day.  He has a dumbphone that he texts friends on.  He is satisfied and I can see with the limitations of plugging it in when you are not using it instead of slipping it in your pocket help amazingly!

So, I hope this helps you if you are giving your children digital devices for Christmas or if they already have them. It is never too late to make changes!  Protect your children!!!!!

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Giving your child a handheld digital device for Christmas? Here is how to keep it safe!

I am going to be doing a series of how to protect your child from pornography, based on my experiences mothering 3 boys. Who now range 8-16 years old.  Here is the post on iphones/fires, etc.

P**N in your Pocket

Without taking time to set up limitations (which is not “easy”) it is basically giving your son “porn in his pocket”.   For real, like giving them access to pornography, which they can bring up to their bedroom in privacy and no real way of knowing what they are looking at.

There are some steps you can do to help prevent this potential pornography exposure to some extent.

Some of these things would be easier to set up when you give them the device, but we have had to go back and adjust some things for our boys and I will let you know how that went in a future post.

Web Browsing -

We took off safari and allowed NO web browsers on the itouch.  So if the boys wanted to access the internet they would have to use the computer.  Which had the appropriate restrictions set and managed.  It is really challenging to do this on an iphone.  NetNanny does have an app now, but I am not sure how it works and for us it was just easier to say no internet on the phone.

Downloading Apps/Music/Movies

Only WE know the password.  They can not purchase or install apps without us typing in the password.  Our accounts are all linked together, so beware don’t have it do cloud installation, because if my DH buys something it will automatically download to the boys phones.  Which is OK, but be AWARE!

Google Search App –

NOT good.  Even if they don’t have a web browser on their phone, they can use this app to search.  If they have this app or any searching App, they can do a search on inappropriate words and pictures will pop up.

You may think, my son would never look up something bad.  The problem is other kids may say, “look up pretty kitty” or something innocuous looking and you would be amazed at the type of things that pop up.  My boys have been told to look up things that lead to negative pictures from friends starting in 5th grade.

You Tube –

The videos you can access online are scary. Certainly not something you want your children to have access to without limitations.  Delete any video apps!!!

WiFi access –

One way to limit their using apps that require wifi access is to have only you know the wifi password and they have to have you enter it to go on the wifi.  So for instance Instagram, they have to have you enter the wifi code to access the internet so they can see the pictures and then when their time is up, they log off.

Or another great tool is  Open DNS, is free.  You can put some filters on it, though I also have NetNanny on computer, etc.  One thing we like is you can set hours that specific devices can access the internet.  So my 13 year old knows the code to login to the wifi, but at 9PM his device can’t access wifi.  Open DNS shuts it down to his device.  :)

Time Limits –

I am all about limiting screen time.  My younger boys go to a Waldorf Inspired school and are not supposed to have any screen time during the school week.  My 13 year old does get about 20 minutes of screen time during the week days, usually spent checking Instagram.

The devices are plugged into a specific spot in the kitchen at all times when they are not using them.  He knows he can’t check instagram in morning before school.  We agreed on that together when he saw how distracting it was and he wasn’t getting ready on time.  Right after school he usually checks it and then puts it back on the charger.  It isn’t in his pocket tempting him all the time.  He will check it other times.  He will also have his device to listen to music, etc.  But if he isn’t using it, it is plugged in.  This is very helpful!

Note***  I think that the Kindle Fire is a better choice for kids, because it has pretty good parental controls you can use.  The idevices are not so great for parental control.

Here is a great webinar explaining how do set up some of these things!

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