So many have already gotten their copy, have you gotten yours?

I love talking to pregnant moms about how hypnosis can help them.

I used to actually moderate the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group (do you remember those?).  I helped thousands of pregnant women from all over the world on that group.  Answering every question and encouraging them along the way.

I have gathered that wisdom and many inspirational birth stories in to a single book.  You don’t have to go website to website trying to gather what you want to know.  It is all in this book!  Answering questions you may not even know you have.  🙂

This is the last day it is free, so head on over to Amazon and download your free copy now!

Also, after you read it, I would love it if you leave a review!

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I had spent years gathering over 200 birth stories, all organized into different categories.  I had also gathered and organized different experiences different moms had during their pregnancy…

Congratulations, you’re having a baby. Being pregnant is the most incredible and possibly daunting time of a woman’s life.  Everything is about to change your life, your family,…

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