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FAQ Links for Hypnobabies Moms

(Disclaimer: These are not official Hypnobabies answers.
They are just from my personal experience as a Hypnobabies Instructor
and working with moms from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.)

Hypnobabies Yahoo Group

Hypnobabies Yahoo Group - great place to connect with other moms using hypnosis for birth!
(You must send an introduction to be approved to the group) 


How can I Change my Yahoo Settings http://www.enjoybirth.com/faq-change-yahoo.html

Hypnobabies Buying/Supplies Questions

Where can I buy Hypnobabies? www.enjoybirth.com/faq-all-options-to-buy.html

International Shipping - is it really THAT much?

Help I only have the CD's - how can I get a workbook? www.enjoybirth.com/faq-only-cds.html

FAQ about Using Hypnobabies

What if I Sleep during Scripts www.enjoybirth.com/faq-sleeping.html

When should I start Hypnobabies? www.enjoybirth.com/faq-when-start.html

Center Switch Questions - can I move my arms? http://www.enjoybirth.com/faq-center-switch.html

Breathing Questions - Do I have to do it a certain way? http://www.enjoybirth.com/faq-breathing.html

Shortened Schedule www.enjoybirth.com/faq-short-schedule.html

Options for studying hypnosis for childbirth. Gives a nice overview comparing different programs. http://www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com/old%20options.htm

My comparison of HypnoBirthing and Hypnobabies as a mom who did both

Discomfort not helped by light switch - it is OK, it will still work! www.enjoybirth.com/faq-discomfort.html

I don't feel different when practicing - it is OK keep practicing! www.enjoybirth.com/faq-feel-different.html

I feel Itchy when practicing - it is OK, here are some tips! www.enjoybirth.com/faq-itchy.html

Doula/Birth Partner Information

Hypnobabies Cheat Sheet http://www.enjoybirth.com/faq-cheat-sheet.html

Tips for Doulas supporting Hypnobabies Moms www.enjoybirth.com/faq-hypno-doula-tips.html

How can I find a Hypno-Doula www.enjoybirth.com/faq-hypno-doula-find.html

Birth Professional Yahoo Group - for Birth Professionals who want to learn more about hypnosis for birth.

VBAC Support

Hypnobabies Tools Hypnobabies Tools for VBAC Moms

VBAC Information

Pregnancy Related Questions

Help, I think I have SPD here are some tips! http://www.enjoybirth.com/faq-spd.html

Help, I think I have PUPPS here are some tips to help you survive!

Positive Birth Videos watch some here! http://www.youtube.com/enjoybirth

Where can I find Hypnobabies Birth Stories?

Inductions FAQ with lots of links, including positive induction birth stories, contains Hypnobabies specific information -- www.enjoybirth.com/faq-induction.html

Natural Induction Ideas http://www.enjoybirth.com/faq-natural-inductions.html

What is a Belly Lift www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com/belly-lift.htm

Breech Baby - ideas to help if your baby is breech www.enjoybirth.com/faq-breech.html

Help I might have Placenta Previa

Help, my OB says my Baby is Too Big! http://www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com/Big_baby.htm

Cesarean Tips -for moms who need a cesarean, here are some tips to using your Hypnobabies tools and for positive planning and an easier recovery.

Baby Stay in and Baby Come Out Information -